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Aloi, Giovanni

Why look at plants? The Botanical Emergence in Contemporary Art. 2018. (Critical Plant Studies,5). illus. XXV, 280 p. 4to. Hardcover.

Why Look at Plants? proposes a thought-provoking and fascinating look into the emerging cultural politics of plant-presence in contemporary art. Through the original contributions of artists, scholars, and curators who have creatively engaged with the ultimate otherness of plants in their work, this volume maps and problematizes new intra-active, agential interconnectedness involving human-non-human biosystems central to artistic and philosophical discourses of the Anthropocene. Plants fixity, perceived passivity, and resilient silence have relegated the vegetal world to the cultural background of human civilization. However, the recent emergence of plants in the gallery space constitutes a wake-ontological crisis. Why Look at Plants? challenges readers pre-established notions through a diverse gathering of insights, stories, experiences, perspectives, and arguments encompassing multiple disciplines, media, and methodologies.
Autor/Hrsg. Aloi, Giovanni
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Autor(en) Aloi, Giovanni
Seiten Aloi, Giovanni: Why look at plants? The Botanical Emergence in Contemporary Art. 2018. (Critical Plant Studies,5). ca. 420 p. (107873) 212.93
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