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Quattrocchi, Umberto

World Dictionary of Plant Names. Scientific Names. 4 volumes. 1999. approx. 1600 p. Hardcover.

Deals with the origins and meanings of names of 22 500 genera of plants and many thousands of species, bio- and bibliographical information, the work and lives of thousands of men, both distinguishedand comparatively obscure, who made their individual contribution to thestudy of botany, botanical names (including author), common names,accepted generic names, homonymsd, synonyms,illegitimate, invalid names,vernacular and trade names (English, French,Italian, Chinese, etc.),botanical names of 200 000 species.
Autor/Hrsg. Quattrocchi, Umberto
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Autor(en) Quattrocchi, Umberto
Seiten Quattrocchi, Umberto: World Dictionary of Plant Names. ScientificNames. 4 volumes. 1999. approx. 1600 p. Hardcover. (75622) 759.70
Verlag CRC Press LLC
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ISBN 2240000756226
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