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Allison, K. W. and John Chilld

The Liverworts of New Zealand. 1975. figs. 300 p. gr8vo.

Good second hand copy. -This is the first comprehensive book on the liverworts of New Zealand.Nearly 200 species are dealt with in detail, with notes on habitat and distribution, as well as description of the features which can be recognized in the field with a hand lens. - Contents: Introduction (General Features/ Identification/ Field Recognition Lists/ Synopsis of Classes and Orders)/ Hepaticopsida (Calobryales/ Jungermanniales/Metzgeriales/ Monocleales/ Marchantiales) / Anthocerotopsida/ Keys to Genera/ Glossary/ Select Bibliography/ Index.
Author Allison, K. W. and John Chilld
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Author Allison, K. W. and John Chilld
Page image ALLISON, K.W. and John Child: The Liverworts of New Zealand. 1975.figs. 300 p. gr8vo. (740) 31.00
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