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Marshall, Keith

Orchids: A Guide to Cultivation. 2004. illustr. 159 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.

Contents (chapter headings): General information/ Cultural Notes(Light and Shade/ Water, Water Storage and Feed/ Humidity andVentilation/ Warmth and Temperature Control/ Propagation/ Pests,Diseases, Plant Hygiene and Other Problems/ Repotting and Containers/Types of Compost/ The Orchid Year, Season by Season)/ The Orchids(Plants for your Collection/ Showing your Orchids/ Buying Orchids)/Appendices (Useful Contacts and Addresses, etc.)/ Glossary/Bibliography.
AutorUndHerausgeberManuell Marshall, Keith
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AutorenManuell Marshall, Keith
SeitenAbbManuell Marshall, Keith: Orchids: A Guide to Cultivation. 2004. illustr. 159 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.(87384) 39.59
VerlagManuell Crowood Press Crowood House
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