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El-Ghazaly, G. A.

Pollen Flora of Qatar.1992. 329 (partly coloured) plates.429 p.gr8vo.Cloth.

Contents (partly): Foreword/ Acknowledgement/ Introduction/ Materials/Gymnospermae (Ephedraceae)/ Angiospermae (Acanthaceae/ Aizoaceae/Amaranthaceae/ Asclepiadaceae/ Avicenniaceae/ Boraginaceae/ Capparaceae/Caryophyllaceae/ Chenopodiaceae/ Cistaceae/ Compositae (Asteraceae)/Convolvulaceae/ Cruciferae (Brassicaceae)/ Cucurbitaceae/ Euphorbiaceae/Frankeniaceae/ Gentianaceae/ Geraniaceae/ Labiatae (Lamiaceae)/Leguminosae (Fabaceae)/ etc.). - Second hand copy. Good state.
AutorUndHerausgeberManuell El-Ghazaly, G. A.
ArtikelTypManuell Titel
AutorenManuell El-Ghazaly, G. A.
SeitenAbbManuell El-Ghazaly, G. A.: Pollen Flora of Qatar.1992. 329 (partly coloured) plates.429 p.gr8vo.Cloth. (52558) 148.73
VerlagManuell University of Quatar Environmental Studies Center Centre
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