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Flora of India. Series 1

Volume 001: Ranunculaceae - Barclayaceae. 1993. 66 figs. (line-drawings). 19 col. pls. XIV, 467 p. gr8vo. Cloth.

This is volume one of a scheduled 32-volume-series. Standing ordersinvited. - Contents: Vol. 1: Ranunculaceae-Barclayaceae: Preface/ Ranunculaceae/ Circaeastraceae/ Paeoniaceae/ Dilleniaceae/ Magnoliaceae/Illiciaceae/ Schisandraceae/ Tetracentraceae/ Eupteleaceae/ Annonaceae/Menispermaceae/ Berberidaceae/ Podophyllaceae/ Lardizabalaceae/Nymphaeaceae/ Cabombaceae/ Nelumbonacee/ Barclayaceae/ Index to scientific names/ Index to common names. - From the Preface: "The Floraof India covering the present political boundaries of India is plannedto be published in 32 volumes dealing with the entire angiosperms fromRanunculaceae to Poaceae. An introductory volume to the Flora of Indiahas been planned which will cover in general various aspects of floraand vegetation and other allied subjects. Bentham & Hooker's system ofclassification with delimitation and circumscription based onCronquist's system, except for certain families, is followed in thedelimitation of families. Each volume is being demarcated to accommodate400 to 600 species on an average. Family names are followed as perNomina Familiarum Conservanda of International Code of BotanicalNomenclature (ICBN). Alternate names, if any, are given in brackets.Family descriptions are elaborate, so as to reflect the importantfeatures on world-wide basis. General distribution of the family alongwith a total number of genera and species for the world and India areindicated in the next paragraph. If there are any important monograph,revision or works on allied subject on the family or genera covering oruseful for Indian region, these are cited in the following paragraphunder 'Literature' in alphabetical order. The genera are arrangedserially in alphabetical sequence. Generic descriptions incorporateimportant characters of the genus on world-wide basis in a condensedform. The next paragraph contains distribution followed by total numberof species in the world and in India. Important selected literature onthe genus, with full references form the following paragraph names'Literature'. The species are arranged serially and alphabetically. Thecorrect name of the species appears in bold letters followed by itsauthor's name and full reference to original publication. Basidionyms,if any, are given with full citations. All important synonyms,connecting to Indian flora and Indian works are given. This is followedby Indian names, arranged in alphabetical sequence of abbreviatedlanguage names. A detailed taxonomic description of the species isprovided for proper identification of the species. Distribution of thespecies is given in two paragraphs. The first paragraph givesdistribution in India, including general ecology and statewisedistribution. The second paragraph provides world distribution,countrywise and statewise distribution, countrywise and/orphytogeographically. Uses of the species, if any, on economic, medicinalor ethnobotanical aspects are given under 'Notes'. If there are anynomenclatural, taxonomic or phytogeographic interesting aspects theseare also given under 'Notes' with literature citation, if any. Plantswhich are purely cultivated are listed at the end of the family withshort descriptions and notes. Those exotic species which have run wildor get propagated naturally are included in the general account."
Author Flora of India. Series 1
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Author Flora of India. Series 1
Page image Flora of India. Series 1: Volume 001: Ranunculaceae - Barclayaceae. 1993. 66 figs. (line-drawings). 19 col. pls. XIV, 467 p. gr8vo. Cloth.(56674) 32.10
Series Title Flora of India Series 1
Series no 1001
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