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Book ID:  029793
ADLY, Abdallah (ed.)

The History of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Pro- ceedings of the Second International Congress, Alexandria (Egypt), De- cember 15th to 19th, 1980. 1982. 9 pls. 7 figs. 216 p. gr8vo. Cloth.
Contents (partly): Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in History, Hakim Mohammed Said/ The Ammi Majus Plant, Salah Ramadan/ The Antarabism in the Plant-Lore of the 16th Century, Peter Dilg/ Antidiabetic Herbs in History, Samir Yahia El-Gammal/ Back to Medicinal Plants Therapy, Ahmed Ali Aboolenein/ Cane Sugar, Acetone-Butanol Production Using Clostridium Acetobutylicum by Anaerobic Fermentation of Egyptian Molasses, Mohamed Yassein Mohamed/ Cereals in Medication/ A Short Historical Essay on Cereals Used in Medicinal and Alimentary Purposes, Mostafa Afifi/ Chronological Notes on Medicinal Plants, A. Hifny Saber/ Chufa Habb El' Aziz/ Cyperus Esculentus L. 1753 Fam.: Cyperaceae (Sedge Family), Mounir Abdel Nour Mikhail/ Coca (A) "Aportacion de la Coca a la Terapeutica"/ Coca (B) "Evolucion de la Planta Coca al Alcaloide Cocaina", Ana Carmona-Cornet and Antonia Egea-Gras/ Control of Pests Infesting Aromatic and Medicinal Plants in Egypt, Mahmoud A. Assem/ etc.
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