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Yamagishi, Takaaki

Lepocinclis (Euglenophyta). Taxonomic Review. 2013. 54 plates. VI, 141 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.

The genus Lepocinclis was firstly proposed by Perty (1852) from Germany. Afterward, France (1897) from Hungary, and Lemmermann (1901, 1913) observed some new species from various regions in Europe. Since then more new taxa were found successively by many authors worldwide. Conrad (1934, 1935) firstly treated taxonomical and monographic study of 78 taxa including many new forms in this genus. Huber-Pestalozzi (1955) recorded 40 species and 48 varieties. Also, Starmach (1983) and many authors worldwide recorded so far 50 species and other many varieties, respectively. Yamagishi (1992) reported 29 taxa of this genus from Taiwan in floristic study of that area. Furthermore, Yamagishi (2010) observed 28 taxa in many samples collected from Southeast Asia. Latter, Yamagishi (1989-1998, in Yamagishi & Akiyama) recorded 34 forms of this genus from Japan, New Guinea and Taiwan. This book deals with the taxonomical review on about 150 taxa described in this genus since Perty (1852), Lemmermann (1901), and recorded in monograph by Conrad (1934, 1935), Huber-Pestalozzi (1955) and Starmach (1983). Many photographs of about 80 taxa observed so far and made available in authors previous worksare used in this study for reexamination with the original figures of each taxon. Also, the morphological stability of the cell shape and cell dimensions is observed upon comparing withthe photographs of many specimens.
Autor/Hrsg. Yamagishi, Takaaki
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Autor(en) Yamagishi, Takaaki
Seiten Yamagishi, Takaaki: Lepocinclis (Euglenophyta). Taxonomic Review. 2013. 54 plates. VI, 141 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (103806) 55.64
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