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Plinki, Marcin, Konrad Wolowski and Pawel M. Owsianny

Phytoflagellates from the Gulf of Dansk and surrounding awters (the Sourthern Baltic Sea). A key to the identification of the speies. 2023. Many line-drawings. 27 col. pls. (LM & SEM). 269 p. Paper bd.

The book provides a thorough review of algae belonging to the
phytoflagellate group, mainly distributed in the southern part of
the Baltic Sea, especially in the Gulf of Gdansk, the Vistula and
Szczecin lagoons. The authors take into account the most recent
data on the systematics, ecology, and distribution of plankton al-
gae and provide a guide to identifying the genera and species of
flagellated organisms belonging to five divisions: Euglenophyta,
Dinophyta, Cryptophyta, Haptophyta and Heterokontophyta.
In total, it contains descriptions and keys for identification of
91 genera and 230 species. The book is illustrated with superb
drawings and original light microscope photographs, providing
an accurate representation of the species' appearance. Consider-
able emphasis is placed on identifying the diagnostic character-
istics. The authors use the modern valid names, at the same time
giving all the synonyms for each species, which greatly simpli-
fies the use of the book as a reference and a guide. The history of
the study of representatives of a chosen group of algae given in
each chapter is another fascinating and educational component.

The information presented in this handbook is a necessary
foundation for further research into planktonic phytoflagellates
associated with long-term changes in species composition due
to eutrophication and other forms of pollution, the formation
and distribution of phytoplankton complexes, and the assess-
ment of phytoplankton's indicator role in the Baltic Sea. It is rec-
ommended as a reference for phytoplankton researchers, Baltic
Sea monitoring laboratories, university lecturers, and students.
Of no doubt, the book will be beneficial for those studying phy-
Autor/Hrsg. Plinki, Marcin, Konrad Wolowski and Pawel M. Owsianny
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Autor(en) Plinki, Marcin, Konrad Wolowski and Pawel M. Owsianny
Verlag Gdansk University Press Wydawictnow Uniwersstetu Gdanskiego
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ISBN 9788382065916
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