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Bliding, Carl

A critical survey of Europeasn taxa in Ulvales. Part 1: Capsosiphon, Percursaria, Blidingia, Enteromorpha. 1963. (Opera Botanica, 8:3) 160 p. Paper bd.

Second hand copy. Front paper cover loose.

The present work is intended to be a monographic survey of their majority of the European taxa in Ulvales, their anatomy, reproduction, development and systematics.Contents: Introduction / A: General Part:(Vegetative structure / Life - history / Asexual swarmers / Sexual reproduction / Delayed copulation and formation of hybrid zygotes / Development of the germling / Methods and taxonomical concepts used)/ B: Systematical Part:Capsosiphon / Percursaria / Blidingia. / Enteromorpha: The Torta Group, The Proliefera Group, The Jugoslavica Group, The Flexuosa Group, The Clathrata Group, The Linza Group, The Intestinalis Group )/ References / Index to the Systematic Group.
Author Bliding, Carl
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Author Bliding, Carl
Page image Bliding, Carl:A critical survey of Europ. Taxa in Ulvales.1:CapsosiphonPercusaria, Blidingia, Enteromorpha.1963.(Opera Bot.vol.8:3).92 figs.160 p.gr8vo.Paper bd.(1358) 18.19
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