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Koeltz Botanical Books is mail order bookseller based in Central Germany with over a century of experience in obtaining and selling scientific botanical books. We sell scientific botanical books to institutional, company and private customers worldwide. To this end, we keep a stock of books for rapid supply.

Through our catalogue we offer both our own publications as well as books published by other publishers from around the world. Our focus is on difficult to obtain books, but of course our catalogue also includes more accessible books. We actively search for- and buy and sell rare second hand scientific botanical books, collections and private libraries. In an effort to complete our catalogue, we exchange books with institutions who are not permitted to sell their publications.

We offer a free monthly bibliographic information service to customers who sign up to our electronic newsletters. These electronic newsletters include new and announced botanical books as well as rare or out-of-print material. The contents of the newsletters are arranged according to the subscriber's reported fields of interest.