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Awasthi, D. D.

A Monograph of the Lichen Genus Dirinaria. 1975. (Reprint 1996).(Bibliotheca Lichenologica, 2). 15 plates. 16 maps. 59 figs. IV, 116 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. (ISBN 978-3-7682-0957-1)

Author Awasthi, D. D.
Article type Titel
Author Awasthi, D. D.
Page image Awasthi, D. D.: A Monograph of the Lichen Genus Dirinaria.1975.(Reprint 1996).(Bibliotheca Lichenologica,2).15 plates.16 maps.59 figs.IV,116 p. gr8vo.Paper bd.(65918) 33.17 (ISBN 978-3-7682-0957-1)
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