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Luer, Carlyle A.

A Treasure of Masdevallia. Volume 23. 1998. Folio.

Bilingual, English & German. The German text was done by Fritz Hamer.- Contents: Masdevallia adamsii Luer/ Masdevallia bourdetteana Luer/Masdevallia Cocapatae Luer, Hirtz & Teague/ Masdevallia condorensis Luer& Hirtz/ Masdevallia cylix Luer & Malo/ Masdevallia delhierroi Luer &Hirtz/ Masdevallia eumeliae Luer/ Masdevallia goliath Luer &Andreetta/ Masdevallia hartmanii Luer/ Masdevallia racemosa Lindl./Masdevallia recurvata Luer & Dalstroem/ Masdevallia schoonenii Luer/Masdevallia staaliana Luer & Hirtz/ Masdevallia tsubotae Luer/Masdevallia zebracea Luer/ Corrected texts: Masdevallia bryophila Luer/Masdevallia dalessandroi Luer/ Masdevallia lenae Luer & Hirtz & Teague.
Author Luer, Carlyle A.
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Author Luer, Carlyle A.
Page image Luer, Carlyle A.: A Treasure of Masdevallia. Volume 23. 1998. Folio. (73450) 37.45
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