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American Arctic Lichens. Volume 1: Macrolichens. 1984. illus. XII, 504 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.

The first comprehensive manual on this subject. All species found inthe Arctic area are included. Geology, climate, geography, and ecologyof the American arctic are dealt with. Key to 62 genera and treatment ofthese 62 genera and their species, both arranged alphabetically. Inaddition, for all species, a key, distribution map, drawings (for themore important species), description, diagnostic chemical (color)reactions, brief statements of ecology and range are included.

Good second hand copy.
Author THOMSON, John W.
Article type Titel
Author Thomson, John W.
Page image THOMSON, John W.: American Arctic Lichens. Volume 1: Macrolichens. 1984. illus. 232 p. gr8vo. (9737) 93.09
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