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Book ID: 97391
Bakker, M.E.

Annonaceae, Genera Worldwide. 1999. CD-ROM.

Windows/Macintosh (hybrid CD).-The Annonaceae are one of the largest tropical plant families with aworldwide distribution. This CD-ROM holds a fully up-to-date informationsystem with an overview of all known genera (121) and was composed byusing information from an international network of specialists. Thereare descriptions, line drawings, photos, distribution maps, a dichotomous and an innovative multi-acceess key, an interactive geographic information system, a literature database and a hyperlinkedillustrated glossary.
Author Bakker, M.E.
Article type Titel
Author Bakker, M.E.
Page image Bakker, M.E.: Annonaceae, Genera Worldwide. 1999. CD-ROM. (97391) 92.02
Manufacturer Publications Dept. National Herbarium of the Netherlands Leiden University Branch
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