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Lee, Yoo Kyung

Arctic Plants of Svalbard. What we learn from the Green in the Treeless White World. 2019. 95 (75 col.) figs. XIV, 107 p. gr8vo. Hardcover-

The Arctic is a special world. The Arctic Ocean is covered by white sea ice, and its margins are surrounded by bare terrestrial regions, known as tundra. Tundra is a cold and dry environment without trees, but even in the absence of trees, tundra plants such as dwarf shrubs, grasses, herbs and moss support the harsh environment by providing sustenance and shelter. This book introduces representative arctic plants and their function in Svalbard, revealing the unique tundra ecosystem, and discussing the direct and indirect effects of climate change in the Arctic.
Author Lee, Yoo Kyung
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Author Lee, Yoo Kyung
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