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Volume 7.1984.48 photographic plates.7 figs.200 p.gr8vo.Bound.(1) 41.00

Second-hand copy. -Contents:Stosch,H.A.von & R.Simonsen,Biddulphiopsis, a New Genus of theBiddulphiaceae.With 10 Plates. Theriot,E.& E.Stoermer,Principal Component Analysis of Stephanodiscus:Observations on Two New Species from the Stephanodiscus niagarae Complex.With 4 plates and 7 text figs.Hendey,N.I.& P.A.Sims,some New or Unusual Eocene Biddulphioid DiatomsWith 8 plates. Schoeman,F.R.& R.E.M.Archibald,Amphora castellata Giffenas observed with the Light and Electron Microscopes.With 10 plates.Rushforth,S.R.,I.Kaczmaska & J.R.Johansen,The Subaerial Diatom Flora ofThurston Lava Tube,Hawaii.With 5 plates. Hakansson,H.& E.F.Stoermer,AnInvestigation of the Morphology of Stephanodiscus alpinus Hust.With 4 plates. Archibald,R.E.M.,Diatom Illustrations-an Appeal. Giffen,M.H.,AChecklist of Marine Littoral Diatoms from Namaqualand,South Africa.With2 plates.
Author Bacillaria
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Author Bacillaria
Page image Bacillaria: Volume 7.1984.48 photographic plates.7 figs.200 p.gr8vo.Bound.(1) 41.00
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