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Gupta, Surinder Kumar (Ed.)

Biology and Breeding of Crucifers. 2009. col. photogr. XII, 3856 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.

Considerable interest has developed in recent years in crucifersand particularly in their wild relatives, as they contain genetic material that may be utilized for further evolution of superior crop varieties through introgression and distant hybridization. Until now, there has been no single volume that focuses exclusively on the biology and breeding aspects of the wild brassica species. Bringing together contributions of leading international experts, Biology and Breeding of Crucifers provides a unique perspective on this species which is so important to research in crop genetics.This treatise begins by exploring the systematics and phylogenies of wild crucifers. Supported by sharp close-up photos and descriptions to assist in identification of wild crucifers, the book germination, viability of seeds, and plant-insect interactions. Detailed accounts of comparative cytogenetics, distant hybridization, and the role of phytoalexins are also presented.The book contains comprehensive discussions on floral variations, biotechnology, and haploidy breeding. Reflecting the concern of botanists and plant genetic engineers in enhancing rapeseed-mustard production, the contributors also examine genetic improvement of vegetable crucifers, industrial products from wild crucifers, and the preservation and maintenance of plant genetic resources.The information contained in this text will assist researchers in developing ways to increase genetic variability among brassicas, improve crop productivity and quality, and adopt synergistic approaches to ensure food and nutritional security worldwide.
Author Gupta, Surinder Kumar (Ed.)
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Author Gupta, Surinder Kumar (Ed.)
Page image Gupta, Surinder Kumar (Ed.): Biology and Breeding of Crucifers. 2009. col. photogr. XII, 3856 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (96758) 119.84
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