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The Biology of the Euglena.Volume 3:Physiology. 1982.illus.XVI,363 p.gr8vo.Cloth.

Contents:Leedale,Gordon F.:Ultrastructure/Bouck,G.Benjamin:Flagella andthe cell surface/Edmonds jr.,Leland N.:Circadian and infradian rythms/Bovee,Eugene C.:Movement and locomotion of EUGLENA/Golobetti,G.,Francesco Lenci and Bodo Diehn:Responses to photic,chemical and mechanical stimuli/Kempner,Ellis S.:The stimulation and inhibition ofmetabolism and growth of EUGLENA gracilis/Dubertret,G. and M.Lefort-Tran:Chloroplast molecular structure with particular references tothylakoids and envelopes/Schiff,Jerame A.and Steven D. Schwartzbach:Photocontrol of chloroplast development in Euglena. - Second handcopy.
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AutorenManuell Buetow,D.E.(ed.)
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