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Acharya, Krishnendu and Prakash Pradhan

Common wild mushrooms of West Bengal. 2017. 100 col. photogr.. V, 118 p. Paper bd.

The present book is a sequel of the authors' decade long experience in the fiel diversity and ecology of macrofungal/mushroom bioresources of the state. Objective of this vividly described and well photographed book is to introduce students, researchers and mushroom lovers to the fascinating world of mushroooms, their diverse structural integrity and preliminary identification of some of the common mushrooms we use to see around us during their fruiting time. The methods described for collection and studying mushrooms are standard and shall be very helpful during field surveys; especially the mushroom preservation protocol for herbarium deposition developed by the authors are well appreciated throughout.
Author Acharya, Krishnendu and Prakash Pradhan
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Author Acharya, Krishnendu and Prakash Pradhan
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