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Ansari, Anis Ahmad and Vibha Chauhan

Crotalaria L. in India: A supplement (Accepted names / Synonyms along with types, geographical distribution, reference to illustrations ad information on images and DNA sequences). 2020. 45 col. photogr. 38 col. dot maps.. XIV, 153 p. Hardcover.

The Indian subcontinent particularly the Himalayan region and western ghats are amongst the hotspots of biodiversity and established as a secondary center of origin and diversification of a number of genera of flowering plants. Legumes are second to cereals in food providing high value protein. Crotalaria L. is the largest legume genus in India. Updating existing information is a pre- requisite for conservation of biodiversity and for developmental programmes based on bio-resources. The present work is expected to fulfill this requirement.Ansari (2008) reported the occurrence of 93 species, 1 subspecies, 17 varieties and 2 formae, whereas Subramanyam & Pandey (2013) in their molecular studies on certain species mentioned the occurrence of
81 species without indicating infraspecific taxa and giving a full list of Crotalaria in India. In the present report 100 species, 3 subspecies, 19 varieties and 2 formae are recognised. Out of which, 45 species, 2 subspecies, 12 varieties and 2 formae are endemic to India. C. stipitata, hither to regarded as synonym under C. laevigata is reinstated, the later does not exist in India and is confined to Madagascar (Africa), the former being woody perennial with stalked pods, while the later is herbaceous with subsessile pods. C. agatiflora, an introduced species in India, which is now naturalized, infact belongs to C. agatiflora subsp. engleri. In the present work full synonymy as on date is provided. Lectotypes are designated for C. alata Roxb., C. mysorensis, C. tetragona Roxb., C. canescens , C. obliqua, C. prostrata Roxb. ex D. Don , C. prostrata Roxb. , C. pulchra Andr., C. pulcherrima Roxb. ex Sims, C. pulcherrima Roxb., C. pusilla, C. leschenaultia, C. rigida, C. willdenowiana, C. genistoides, C. sericea, C. elegans, C. tomentosa, C. quinquefolia, C. heterophylla, C. trifoliastrum. C. bhutanica is reported here as new record for India. C. subperfoliata, C. shevoroyensis, C. kodaiensis, C. madurensis, C. candicans, C. sandoorensis, C. lunulata are reinstated. For each accepted species, we provide (i) author's name with citation, basionym if any, type information including place of collection if available, collector's name and number if any, name of herbaria where deposited, accession/digital number if any (ii) synonyms and their types along with accession/digital number if any (iii) information on geographic range in India and the world (iv) distribution map and photoplates of selected species in India (v) reference to illustrations of taxa (vi) links to online images of herbarium or living specimens, and (vii) brief information on whether or not DNA sequences are available in
GenBank at the National Center for Biological Information (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov), with citation of relevant studies. Studies of literature and herbarium specimens at various herbaria, field observations and referring images of herbarium specimens enabled authors to prepare the present checklist with details of synonyms, types, reference to digital images, genetic sequences of available taxa, etc. as a ready reckoner for future studies.
The present work as a supplement to “Crotalaria L. in India” comprising many critical observations and taxonomic notes along with information on images, DNA sequences, photoplates numbering (29,) representing maximum number of species, distribution maps (23), of the species and varieties will be highly useful to plant taxonomists, conservationists, foresters, researchers, students and nature lovers
Author Ansari, Anis Ahmad and Vibha Chauhan
Article type Titel
Author Ansari, Anis Ahmad and Vibha Chauhan
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