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Bozac, Romano

Enciklopedija gljiva. Volume 1. 2005. col. illus. 600 p. gr8vo.- In Croatian, with Latin nomenclature.

In the encyclopedia, 1190 species of fungi are described. The book contains 833 color pictures and 740 species of painted mushrooms. In this volume 1, numerous drawings clearly show the morphology of fungi from the class Basidiomycetes, mycelial growth, developmental cycle, primordium (pup) and fungal fruiting. Fungal species from the families Amanitaceae, Agaricaceae, Pluteaceae, Coprinaceae, Bolbitiaceae, Strophariaceae, Cortinariaceae, Entolomataceae and Tricholomataceae have been systematically described. The pictures show the color shades and morphological details necessary for the proper determination and study of fungi. Numerous drawings clearly show the morphology of the fungus, the growth of mycelium, the developmental cycle, the primordium (pup) and the formation of the fruiting body of the fungus. Along with technically flawless photographs, a detailed description of each of the presented species, their characteristics, distinctive features, names under which they appear in the professional literature and among the populace, features of appearance, flesh and spores, chemical reactions, descriptions of habitats and usability. The "Encyclopedia of Mushrooms" is an excellent manual for anyone who deals with mushrooms as an amateur or professional.
Author Bozac, Romano
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Author Bozac, Romano
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