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Bozac, Romano

Enciklopedija gljiva. Volume 2. 2008. 1360 col. illus. 968 p. gr8vo.- In Croatian, with Latin nomenclature.

The second volume of the "Encyclopedia of Mushrooms" systematically rounds off the world of mushrooms with 1360 original color images and 370 drawings. A separate chapter deals with the production of cultures and mycelium of fungi and their conservation by stopping vital functions. Methods of production of mycorrhizal fungi, i.e. commercially important truffles and porcini mushrooms, are described in detail. The longest chapter - The world of fungi in pictures - is a systematic continuation of the first volume, which describes only a part of the species from the class Basidiomycetes. This chapter accurately describes and illustrates 1247 species, subspecies and varieties of fungi. Fungi from the family Russulaceae, Hygrophoraceae, Cantharelaceae, Gomphidiaceae, Pleurotaceae, Boletaceae, Polyporaceae, Corticiaceae, Thelephoraceae, Ramariaceae, Sclerodermataceae and many other families from the class Basid are presented. The following is a large part of the chapter describing 315 species of fungi from the class Ascomycetes. Fungi from the family Tuberaceae, Morchellaceae, Helvellaceae, Helotiaceae, Dermataceae, Nectriaceae, Diatrypaceae, Reticulariaceae ... and many other families are comprehensively presented. A thorough scientific approach to the safe determination of fungi living as parasites or saprophytes on living plants or their remains is possible only with microanalysis of hymen and cross-section of fruiting bodies. For this purpose, 50 precise images show different shapes of the surface of the hymen (pores) and cross-sections of the fruiting body, which will be most useful to scientists, experts and students of forestry and researchers of medicinal mushrooms.
Author Bozac, Romano
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Author Bozac, Romano
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