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Environmental Biology. 1987. illustr. 439 p. gr8vo. Cloth.

This is a comprehensive coverage of some important aspects ofenvironment, placing due emphasis on a study of the basic structure onthe ecosystem, environmental degradation and its control. The book dealswith the composition and dynamics of the ecosystem, productivity andnatural resources, environmental degradation and its control throughphysical means, environmental education and legislation has beendiscussed in some detail in the Indian context with special emphasison the measures provided by Environment Act, 1986. To understand theholistic view of the environment, the system analysis approach has beenincluded. Further, to acquaint with the environmental development atNational and International levels, the organisations and eco-developmentprogrammes have been described. A glossary in the end has also beenpresented.
Author AGARWAL, K.C.
Article type Titel
Author AGARWAL, K.C.
Page image AGARWAL, K.C.: Environmental Biology. 1987. illustr. 439 p. gr8vo. Cloth. (32173) 25.68
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