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Kalema, James and Alan Hamilton

Field Guide of the Forest Trees of Uganda. For Identification and Conservation. 2nd rev. ed. 2020. 37 pls.( =line figures). XI, 277 p. Hardcover.

This book will be useful for all those who strive to protect and restore the tropical forests of Uganda and plant indigenous trees. Protecting natural forests and planting indigenous trees will help ensure the conservation of biodiversity, a climate favourable for agriculture, and future supplies of for products and drinking water. Indigenous knowledge about the trees will more likely survive and so remain available for use in development.
All 451 species included
Keys for identification
321 species illustrated
1104 tree names in 21 indigenous languages
Global and national conservation status
Cultivation and propagation advice for 62 species
Author Kalema, James and Alan Hamilton
Article type Titel
Author Kalema, James and Alan Hamilton
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