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Galic, Milovan

Flora nacinalnog parka Tara. 1989. illus. 631 p. Hardcover. - In Serbian, with English introduction and English summary.

The national park consists of a group of mountain peaks with deep picturesque gorges between them. The highest point of the park is the Kozji Rid peak on the Zvijezda mountain, with 1,591 m (5,220 ft).[3] The most striking of these gorges is the Drina Gorge, with its sheer drops from 1,000 to 250 m (3,280 to 820 ft) and extensive views of western Serbia and nearby Bosnia. It also encompasses the gorges of the rivers Raca, Brusnica and Derventa and the waterfall of Veliki Skakavac on the river Beli Rzav. The area is also characterised by karst caves, pits, springs, and viewing points (Kicak, Smiljevac, Biljeke Stene, Kozje Stene, Vitimirovac and Kozji Rid).
- Good second hand copy.
Author Galic, Milovan
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Author Galic, Milovan
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