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Flora of China Illustrations

Volume 19: Cucurbitaceae to through Valerianaceae. 2012. illus. XII, 693 p. 4to. Hardcover.

Volume 19 of the illustrations series encompasses 20 plant families, among them: Rubiaceae, the madder family, with Coffea arabica, the coffee tree, Gardenia jasminoides, the beautiful gardenia, Cinchona pubescens, source of quinine, and many other notable species; Acanthaceae, with species of horticultural and medicinal value, e.g., Barleria cristata; Plantaginaceae, including Plantago arenaria, cultivated forits medicinal seeds; Campanulaceae, known for its garden plants with often blue, bell-shaped flowers, among the most striking, Campanula glomerata, the clustered bellflower, and Lobelia chinensis, one of the fundamental herbs of Chinese medicine; Adoxaceae, containing the genus Viburnum, with its berries and flowers; Caprifoliaceae, including the genus Lonicera, the honeysuckle; Dipsacaceae, the teasel family; Valerianaceae, whose garlands of fragrant Valeriana the great Chinese poet of the third and fourth centuries BC Ch`ü Yüan described in his autobiographical poem Li Sao; Annonaceae, the custard apple family; and Berberidaceae, the barberry family, with its decorative, edible berries.
Author Flora of China Illustrations
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Author Flora of China Illustrations
Page image Flora of China Illustrations: Volume 19: Cucurbitaceae to through Valerianaceae. 2012. illus. XII, 693 p. 4to. Hardcover. (101923) 117.70
Series Title Flora of China Illustrations
Series no 19
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