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GIBBS, Darnley

Chemotaxonomy of Flowering Plants. 4 vols. 1974. approx. 2500 p. Cloth.

In the author's own words, this book 'is an attempt to gather as muchinformation as possible from the literature while making as many simpletests as possible on as many flowering plants as possible'. The resultis an extensive study which will be indispensable to all those teachingin the field of chemotaxonomy. Vol. 1: History of chemotaxonomy,discussion of criteria used in chemotaxonomy, description of tests theauthor devised and carried out, extensive dealing with plantconstituents by defining and considering each group and by providing alengthy alphab. listing of its members and their known distributionof flowering plants/ Vol. 2: Continues the listing and is followed byalphabetical listings, with taxonomy, of the families of dicots andmonocots which have been proposed during more than 2 centuries ofbotanical taxonomy. Remainder of vol. 2 and the complete vol. 3 aredevoted to alphabetical listings of and taxonomic notes on virtuallyall the orders that have been proposed during the past 200 years. Theorders recognized in the 12th edition of Engler's Syllabus (1964) arealso treated chemotaxonomically. The material in these cases includesthe results of others' research and of some 30 years of research by theauthor. Volume 4 comprises a bibliography of more than 1000 items, acomprehensive index, and an addendum which notes a selection of earlierwork and recent findings published while this work was in preparation. -Good second hand copy. With stamp of previous owner.
Author GIBBS, Darnley
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Author GIBBS, Darnley
Page image GIBBS, Darnley: Chemotaxonomy of Flowering Plants. 4 vols. 1974. approx. 2500 p. Cloth. (4542) 87.74
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