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Zhou Zhiyan

Ginkgophytes. 2020. (Palaeobotanica Sinica). illus. 457 p. Hardcover. - Chinese, with English summary and Latin nomenclature.

Totally 228 more or less well-established species reported from China have been classified in a updated system. They are dealt with respectively under three headings
1. Natural system containing 14 species (without including Ginkgo hamiensis Wang et Sun and G.neimengensis Xu et al. published in 2017, and Umaltolepis yimaensis Dong et al., 2019) belonging to 5 gneera of families in the order Ginkgoales.
2. Auxiliary taxa comprising ginkgoalean fossils of uncertain systematic positions, 157 species in total referred to 16 form-or organ-genera.
3. Problematical ginkgophytes including 57 species in 11 Genera
Author Zhou Zhiyan
Article type Titel
Author Zhou Zhiyan
Manufacturer China Scientific Book Service Room No. 1120, Tower A Kingsound (Jiahao) International
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