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Holm,LeRoy,J.V.Pancho,J.P.Herberger and P.L.Pluckett

A geographical atlas of world weeds.1979.391 p.gr8vo.Cloth.

A comprehensive international list of information on approx. 8000species, compiling geographic distributions and knowledge necessaryfor control. It updates all taxonomy, uses Latin names throughout,brings nomenclature into agreement with present-day usage, and givesup to three of the most common synonyms for each plant. Symbolsrepresenting countries or areas are recorded opposite each speciesname, along with a ranking of importance of the weed in the area. Keyportions of the book are translated into the ten major languages ofthe world.
Author Holm,LeRoy,J.V.Pancho,J.P.Herberger and P.L.Pluckett
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Author Holm,LeRoy,J.V.Pancho,J.P.Herberger and P.L.Pluckett
Page image Holm,LeRoy,J.V.Pancho,J.P.Herberger and P.L.Pluckett: A geographical atlas of world weeds.1979.391 p.gr8vo.Cloth. (5417) 82.39
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