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Kuijt, Job

Monograph of Psittacanthus (Loranthaceae). 2009. (Systematic Botany Monographs,86). figs. 361 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.

The genus Psittacanthus is the larger of two closely relatedneotropical genera of Loranthaceae; the other, much smaller genus is Aetanthus. They are distinct from all other members of the family mainly through the absence of endosperm in the mature seed, the massive cotyledons having expropriated the storage function for the germinating seedling. Psittacanthus under the present coverage comprises 119 species, 51 of which are here newly described and illustrated. The latter include: Psittacanthus acevedoi, P. acuminatus, P. acutus, P. aequatorius, P. antioquiensis, P. atrolineatus, P. baguensis, P. bergii, P. bolbocephalus, P. bolivarensis, P. brachypodus, P. cajamarcanus, P. carinatus,P. carnosus, P. complanatus, P. crassicostatus, P. crassinervis, P. crassipes, P. cyclophyllus, P. dentatus, P. dillonii, P. elegans, P. geniculatus, P. gentryi, P. hatschbachii, P. kempffii, P. lophanthus, P. micrantherus, P. microphyllus, P. ophiocephalus, P. ovatus, P. panamensis, P. pascoensis, P. pentaphyllus, P. pilanthus, P. piurensis, P. quadrangularis, P. quadrifolius, P. roldanii, P. rotundatus, P. rugostylus, P. salicifolius, P. salvadorensis, P. schultesii, P. smithii, P. stergiosii, P. sulcatus, P. tenellus, P. ternatus, P. tubatus, andP. valleculanthus. Psittacanthus wurdackii, previously recognized as a variety, is elevated to species rank. One new combination, P. paxianus, is proposed. Psittacanthus is almost entirely continental, but has a minor representation on Jamaica and some of the Lesser Antilles. An infrageneric organization is not recognized at this time. Keys, full synonymies, detailed decriptions, and maps are presented; illustrations are provided for nearly all species.
Author Kuijt, Job
Article type Titel
Author Kuijt, Job
Page image Kuijt, Job: Monograph of Psittacanthus (Loranthaceae). 2009. (Systematic Botany Monographs,86). figs. 361 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (96779) 89.88
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