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Malesian Orchid Journal

Volume 19. 2017. illus. 142 p. 4to. Paper bd.

Contains the following monograph:A Taxonomic Revision of Dipodium section Leopardanthus by Peter O'Byrne - The infrageneric classification, morphological and diagnostic characters of Dipodium (Orchidaceae) section Leopardanthus are discussed. The section contains 32 taxa, comprising 26 species (1 incompletely known), 5 subspecies and 1 variety. An additional 4 potential taxa are treated as unplaced due to lack of confirmatory material. All these taxa are described and illustrated, and a key is provided. New species are Dipodium ambiguum, D. brassii, D. chanii, D. confusum, D. javanicum, D. lambii, D. meijeri, D. moultonii, D. puspitae, D. robertyongii, and D. wenzelii. New subspecies are Dipodium fevrellii subsp. deleonii, D. purpureum subsp. adesum, D. purpureum subsp. philippinense, and D. purpureum subsp. sulaense. One subspecies of Dipodium brevilabium is known only from photographs, and is not formally named.
Author Malesian Orchid Journal
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Author Malesian Orchid Journal
Page image Malesian Orchid Journal: Volume 19. 2017. illus. 142 p. 4to. Paper bd. (106830) 49.22
Series Title Malesian Orchid Journal
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