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Malesian Orchid Journal

Volume 20. 2017. illus. 128 p. 4to. Paper bd.

Contents: / Editorial/ Kipandiorchis jiewhoei, an Exquisite New Miniature Orchid Species from Borneo by Peter O'Byrne and Linus Gokusing/ Little-known, but InterestingNotes on Miscellaneous Orchids from Borneo by Jeffrey J. Wood / Nabaluia exaltata, An Attractive and Little-known Species from Mount Murud, Sarawak by Jeffrey J. Wood/ Notes on Borneo Orchids 4: New Species, New Records and Emendatory Notes by Peter O'Byrne and Linus Gokusing/ Studies of Malesian Agrostophyllum Blume (Orchidaceae) by Paul Ormerod / New and Noteworthy Orchid Species from the Arfak Mountains, West Papua Province, Indonesia by André Schuiteman and Jimmy Frans Wanma/ A Clarification of the Malleola dentifera-Robiquetia insectifera-R. vietnamensis Complex by Peter O'Byrne/ An Updated Description of Spathoglottis hardingiana from Peninsular Malaysia by Ong Poh Teck and Farah Alia Nordin.
Author Malesian Orchid Journal
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Author Malesian Orchid Journal
Page image Malesian Orchid Journal: Volume 20. 2017. illus. 128 p. 4to. Paper bd. bound. (107049) 52.43
Series Title Malesian Orchid Journal
Series no 20
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