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Mangroves: Biodiversity, Livlihoods and Conservation. 2022. i84 (74 col.) figs. 500 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.

This contributory volume is a comprehensive collection on the mangrove forest eco-system and its ecology, the resources and potentials of mangroves, conservation efforts, mangrove eco-system services and threats to conservation. The book is an all-inclusive compilation of the status, conservation and future of mangroves.

Mangroves are a unique ecosystem providing several ecosystem services. They are formed in the inter-tidal areas of large rivers and coastal islands. Mangroves thrive due to constant interaction with the terrestrial and marine ecosystem. These are the species dynamics, varying tidal amplitudes, plant succession, changing floral pattern of the channels of the estuary, the varying sediment transportation. There was a 20% decline in mangrove forest area in the last 25 years due mainly to conversion and coastal development. Lengthy recovery periods are required for the degraded mangrove forests. Hence there is an urgent need to take stock of the updated information on these mangroves at the global level. It is of immense value to the scientific community involved in teaching, research and extension activities related to mangrove conservation.


Chapter 1. Mangroves- A Unique Ecosystem and its Significance
Chapter 2. Mangrove Forests and Silviculture
Chapter 3. A Review of the Reproductive Ecology of Mangrove Plant Species
Chapter 4. Mangrove Health Analysis using Multi-temporal Sentinel-2 Multi-Spectral Instrument (MSI) Data
Chapter 5. Ethnobotany of Mangroves - A Review
Chapter 6. Mangrove Ecosystems and their Services
Chapter 7. Mangrove Forests and People's Livelihoods
Chapter 8. Climate Change and Mangroves
Chapter 9. Rehabilitation and Restoration of Mangroves
Chapter 10. Threats to Mangroves and conservation strategies
Chapter 11. Mangrove Forests of India: An Overview
Chapter 12. Mangroves of Sundarban
Chapter 13. Sri Lankan Mangroves: Biodiversity, livelihoods and conservation
Chapter 14. Mangroves in Myanmar
Chapter 15. Mangroves of Malaysia
Chapter 16. Mangrove Biodiversity, Conservation, and Roles for Livelihoods in Indonesia
Chapter 17. Mangroves Sustaining Biodiversity, Local Livelihoods, Blue Carbon and Local Resilience in Verde Island Passage in Luzon, Philippines
Chapter 18. Mangroves of Japan
Chapter 19. Mangroves of Ecuador
Chapter 20. Mangroves of Brazil
Chapter 21. Cameroon mangroves: current status uses challenges and management perspectives
Author 199,99 GBP -> EUR 240.00 / Vrlg:Titel nicht auf website.3.22
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Author 199,99 GBP -> EUR 240.00 / Vrlg:Titel nicht auf website.3.22
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