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Comber, J.B.

Orchids of Java. 1990. Many colour photographs. 407 p. 4to. Cloth.

This book is illustrated with over 700 colourphotographs, most of them taken in the wild. An account of all the orchids known to occur wild in this most important island of Indonesia. Altogether 130 genera are listed, and a total 731 species described. Key to genera, key to species level within each genus. This is the first complete treatment of the orchids of Java since J.J.Smith's (1905,1908) and the treatment in Backer's Flora of Java, which had no illustrations.
Author Comber, J.B.
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Author Comber, J.B.
Page image Comber, J.B.: Orchids of Java. 1990. Many colourphotographs. 407 p. 4to.Cloth. (44151) 36.38
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