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Blombery,Alec and Tony Rodd

Palms. An informative, practical guide to palms of the world. Their cultivation, care and landscape use. Corrected reprint 1988. Many col. photographs. 201 p. 4to. Hardcover.

Contents (partly): Introduction (Palm Habitats/ Economic Importance/General Characteristics of Palms)/ Cultivation (Important Facts About Palms/ Conditions for Growth/ Landscaping with Palms/ Planting in theGarden/ Growing Palms in Containers/ Pests and Diseases/ Propagation)/The Palms/ Appendix I: Palm Classification/ Appendix II: Major PalmCollections of the World/ Appendix III: Palms for Different ClimaticZones and Specific Purposes/ Glossary/ Bibliography/ Index. - Second hand copy.
Author Blombery,Alec and Tony Rodd
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Author Blombery,Alec and Tony Rodd
Page image Blombery,Alec and Tony Rodd: Palms.An informative,practical guide to palms of the world.Their cultivation,care and landscape use.1982. Many col. photographs. 199 p. 4to. Hardcover. (21443) 31.00
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