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Batanouny, Kamal H.

Plants in the Deserts of the Middle East. 2010. illus. XII, 193. gr8vo. Paper bd.

Water is a paramount factor in determining the distribution of species on a global basis. The responses and adaptations of a species to water stress are critical for its success in any environmental niche. The deserts of the Middle East provide an excellent example of the harsh conditions to which plants are subjected. This volume elucidates the adaptations of these plants in order to sustain their life and reproduce to continue their survival. Topics covered include climate aridity and topographic influence on plant life in the deserts, the role of plants in the lives of the Bedouins, the concept of adaptation, its purpose and causes, adaptations that promote increased water uptak and reduction of water output, as well as those which help the plants to tolerate and/or resist the drought, escaping drought and adaptation to desiccation, and the mechanisms by which halophytes can tolerate and/orresist salinity.
AutorUndHerausgeberManuell Batanouny, Kamal H.
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AutorenManuell Batanouny, Kamal H.
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