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Bernicchia, Anarosa and S. P. Gorjon

Polypores of the Mediterranean Region. With contributions by L. Arras, M. Facchini, G. Porcu and G. Trichies. 2020. many col. illus. ca. 1000 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. In English.

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The book we are presenting has its focus on the Polyporaceae species (Fungi Basidiomycetes) of the Mediterranean region, one of the hot spots of biodiversity of the Planet, although it also includes the polypores of northern Europe. The book contains updated nomenclatural information for the polypore fungi found in the Mediterranean and adjacent areas, with 116 genera and about 400 species accepted and described in detail and
six new combinations proposed. For most of the species a complete description is given with comments on ecology, distribution and macro- and microphotographs. Keys are provided for all genera and species. A
volume of about 1,000 pages with hard cover will be published predictably within this year 2019.

Since the publication of the book of Annarosa Bernicchia, Polyporaceae s.l. in 2005, many things have changed, new species have been described and a number of nomenclatural changes have been proposed. While
maintaining the essence of a classic monograph with keys, descriptions and photographs, which make species identification easier, we have also included as a true novelty microscopical images aimed at ensuring a clear
and direct vision of the species characteristics. Most of these images were contributed by Luigi Arras, Annarosa Bernicchia, Marco Facchini, Marcel Gannaz, Giuseppe Porcu, Gérard Trichies and Markus Wilhelm,
with different equipments and technical approaches, but altogether allowing an entirely new view compared to classical taxonomy books on fungi, mainly based on drawings from the microscope. A fair number of
macroscopic pictures were generously granted by several colleagues, whom we thank for their valuable contribution. Text and keys have been written by Annarosa Bernicchia and Sergio P. Gorj?n following a
scheme based on updated taxonomic knowledge, with comments on between-genera phylogenetic relationships. Although the connections and exchanges of information between mycologists have recently
much improved, thanks also to the new technologies, many data are still fragmentary and difficult to access, so there may be gaps especially in species distribution.

Although this book focuses on typical species of the Mediterranean region, it is often difficult to establish strict geographical limits. Therefore, many species known for central Europe and neighbouring areas, including
Caucasus and western Russia, have been included to give a comprehensive overview of some genera with closely related species. The data on fungi of some Mediterranean areas are still limited, in particular for
countries which have unfortunately passed, or are still suffering, periods of armed conflicts or political instability. Also, data for North Africa are still incomplete. In any case, one of the goals of this book is to bring
updated information on Mediterranean polypores by providing the reader an accessible, user friendly manual and thus encouraging future studies on the topic. Another primary purpose is to increase the knowledge of
these Mediterranean fungi and highlight their importance in forest conservation, with a focus on key and vulnerable species. In this digital era, many forums, web pages and scientific journals contain valuable
information and iconography and there are several initiatives to host in repositories, data about a number of genera and species.
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