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Secco, Ricardo de S.

Sinopse das especies de Croton L. (Euphorbiaceae) na Amazonia brasileira: Um ensaio taxonomico. 2008. (Colecao Adolpho Ducke), illus.(= lne drawings). 169 p. Paper bd. - In Portuguese, with Latin nomenclature.

Abstract: This monograph presents a taxonomic treatment on 42 Amazonian Brazil species of Croton, distributed in the States of Roraima, Amapá, Amazonas, Acre; Pará, Maranhão, Rondônia and Mato Grosso. In accordance with the geographic distribution in the region, these species show the foliowing patterns: I. Species with wide geographic distribution patterns: Croton matourensis, C. cuneatus, C. lobatus, C. palanostigíyia, C. cajucara, C. draconoides, C. hirtus, C. saca quinha, C. trinitatis and C. glandulosus; among these, Croton matourensis is the most common, considering the species which are tree or shrub in the genus; II. Species with restricted geographic distribution patterns: Croton chaetocalyx, C. parodianus, C. polypleurus, C. puliei, C. roraimensis, C. saca quinha, C. sipaliwinensis, C. spruceanus, C. sampatik, C. spiraeifolius and C. guianensis; III. Species with very restricted geographic distribution patterns: Croton arirambae, C. asperrinius, C. diasii, C. paraensis, C. hostmannii, C. lundianus, C. dissectistipulatus, C. schiedeanus, C. nervosus, C. tessmannii, C. krukoffianus and C. urucurana. Croton urucurana has wide distribution in Brazil, but in Amazonian Brazil it only occurs in Amazonas and Acre; IV Probably endemical species (species only collected in one State or specific area): Roraima: C. subincanus; Amazonas: Croton subasperrimus, C. grazie!ae, C. javarisensis, C. perimetralensis, Croton sp. 1, and C. moilis; Pará: Croton faroensis, C. ascendens, C. trombetensis, and Croton sp. II. Some of these species are found in neighbor Amazonian Brazil and South of Brazil countries, in accordance with the analysed coilections in this monograph: Croton cuneatus, C. sampatik and C. tessmannii (Peru); C. sipaliwinensis, C. chaetoca!yx and C. puilei (Surinam); C. draconoides (French Guiana and Peru); C. hirtus, C. hostmannii, C. poiypieurs and C. guianensis (Guiana); C. roraimensis (Venezuela); C. urucurana (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguai and Uruguai); C. schiedeanus (Mexico and Panama); C. spiraeifo!ius (Venezuela), and C. nervosus (Colombia and Guiana). An identification key, descriptions and general comments of each species, as well as data on the morphology of the species, including habit, trichomes, leaves, inflorescences and flowers, pollen, fruits and seeds are presented. A brief chapter about geographic distribution, uses, conservation status, sexual system and the tribal arrangement of the species, according to the proposed system by Webster, is presented. Species as C. hostmanni, C. tessmannii, C. gossypiifolius, C. guianensis, C. roraimensis and C. spiraeifolius were considered as probably new records in Amazonian Brazil, while C. arirambae, C. paraensis, C. asperrimus and C. polypleurus are fully illustrated for the first time. Two species that are poorly know in the region, C. tessmannii and C. gossypiifolius, were not completely included in this taxonomic treatment.
Author Secco, Ricardo de S.
Article type Titel
Author Secco, Ricardo de S.
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