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Allaby, Michael

Temperate Forests. 2006. (Biomes of the World). 50 illustr. 288 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.

Climate plays a major role in the existence of temperate forests. These areas experience seasonal changes and sometimes extreme weather patterns. Temperate Forests explores the environment, life, and future of this type of habitat in concise, accessible format. A discussion of the geography and geology of these areas provides an introduction to temperate forest systems, and chapter-by-chapter coverage explains where these forests are found and why they have arisen in these conditions. This volume concludes with a discussion of the management and conservation of these ecosystems and their threats, including acid rain, forest clearance, soil erosion, and climate change.
Author Allaby, Michael
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Author Allaby, Michael
Page image Allaby, Michael: Temperate Forests. 2006. (Biomes of the World). 50 illustr. 288 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.(92448) 42.80
Series Title Biomes of the World
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