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Bonett, Guido and Joe Attard

The Maltese Countryside. Volume 1: A pictorial guide to the flora of the Maltese Islands. 2005. illus. (col.). 432 p. Hardcover.

One can describe the Maltese Islands, without any exaggeration, as botanical paradise. Around one thousand different plan species have been identified in Malta and Gozo, eight hundred of them being indigenous; these in fac occur naturally and have not been introduced from other countries. The Islands host some twenty endemic species and sub-species of plants, that are not to be found growing naturally anywhere else in the world. This national heritage must be cherished and protected. Some species have already become extinct in recent years, mainly as a result of human activity, while others real are now classified as rare or endangered. We can take heart from the fact that awareness of the importance of protecting the environment is growing apace and real efforts are being made to educate children in the respect. If this book serves to enhance public awareness of the importance of protecting our wealth of flora the authors will have sufficient reason to feel that they have achieved their aim.
Author Bonett, Guido and Joe Attard
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Author Bonett, Guido and Joe Attard
Page image Bonett, Guido and Joe Attard: The Maltese Countryside. Vol. 2: Apictorial guide to the fauna of the Maltese Islands. 2005. Many col.photographs. 392 p. 4to. Paper bd. (100263) 54.57
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