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Hulbert - Powell, Charles

The Walnut Tree. 2018. illus.(col. & b/w). 192 p. Hardcover.

A definitive guide to growing and using walnut trees. Charles Hulbert-Powell has traveled widely, visiting walnut growers throughout the world in order to make useful comparisons between different varieties and growing conditions. His experience and the advice he offers in this book will be invaluable to anyone planning to plant a walnut grove, or who just wants to know about the history, folklore, and uses of the walnut tree and its fruit. Featuring eighty color illustrations, as well as black and white archive prints and drawings, the book is full of practical advice on choosing, planting, maintaining, and pruning walnut trees, as well as further information on different varieties of walnut trees and their habitats; the nuts in of recipes.
Author Hulbert - Powell, Charles
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Author Hulbert - Powell, Charles
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