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Averyanov, Leonid V.

Updated checklist of the orchids of Vietnam. 2003. 11 line - figs. 101 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. - Bilingual (English/Vietnamese)

Summarizes all hitherto reported data on orchids from Viet Nam andprovides brief information on valid names, distribution (intra- & extra-limital), living forms, ecology, frequency and conservation status ofthe species. Two monotypic genera and 10 species are described as newto science. Plus list of most recent nomenclatural changes in separatechapter. - Second hand copy. 1 stamp on inside front cover. Good condition.
Author Averyanov, Leonid V.
Article type Titel
Author Averyanov, Leonid V.
Page image Averyanov, Leonid V.: Updated checklist of Vietnamese orchids. 2003. 11 line - figs. 101 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. - Bilingual (English/Vietnamese) (82959) 12.84
Manufacturer L.V. Averyanov Herbarium,Botanical Institute of the Academy of Sciences USSR
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