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Atlas der Diatomaceenkunde.

Begründet von Adolf Schmidt,fortgesetzt von Martin Schmidt, Friedrich Fricke, Heinrich Heiden, Otto Müller und Friedrich Hustedt. Series I-X (=all published). Hefte 1-105, 109-120 enthaltend die Tafeln 1-420,433-480. Leipzig/Berlin 1874-1959. (Second reprinted edition, 1984). In 3 loose leaf-binders, 30 x 42 cm.- With introduction by Dr.Kalbe, and including the 'Index to Atlas der Diatomaceenkunde

This ' Atlas' is a very important working tool for the diatomist.The above offered second reprinted edition contains for the first time the systematic index by Hanna, which was originally published in 'Bibliotheca Phycologica, volume 10' and which facilitates use of the Atlas considerably. Descriptions to plate 310 included as Xerox copy only.
Author Atlas der Diatomaceenkunde.
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Author Atlas der Diatomaceenkunde.
Page image Atlas der Diatomaceenkunde: Begründet von Adolf Schmidt,fortgesetztvon Martin Schmidt,Friedrich Fricke,Heinrich Heiden,Otto Müller undFriedrich Hustedt.Series I-X (=all published).Hefte 1-105,109-120 ent-haltend die Tafeln 1-420,433-480.Leipzig/Berlin 1874-1959.(Secondreprinted edition,1984).In 3 loose-leaf-binders,30 x 42 cm.-With introduction by Dr.Kalbe,and including the 'Index to Atlas der Diato-maceenkunde' by G.Dallas Hanna,XVI,106 p. (ISBN 978-3-87429-220-7)(6)
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