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Vol. 18: Pearson, C.J.(ed.): Field Crop Ecosystems.1992.Illustr. XIII,576 p.4to.Hardcover.

Contents (partly): Attributes and Evolution of Field-Crop Ecosystems,by C.J.Pearson/ The Purposes of Field-Crop Ecosystems: Social andEconomic Aspects, by R.J.Bawden and R.L.Ison/ Climate Constraints onCropping Systems, by M.F.Hutchinson, H.A.Nix and J.P.McMahon/ Pests andIntegrated Control, by G.W.Fick and A.G.Power/ Cotton Cropping Systems,by A.B.Hearn and G.P.Fitt/ Sugar-Cane Cropping Systems, by J.E.Brownand D.L.Anderson/ Tropical Wet Rice Systems, by B.S.Vergara/ Upland RiceSystems, by Dong Hanfei/ Mixed Root-Crop Systems in the Caribbean/Mixed Root-Crop Systems in Wet Sub-Saharan Africa, by A.S.R. Juo andH.C.Ezumah/ Tobacco Cropping Systems in Central Africa/ etc.
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AutorenManuell Ecosystems of the World
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