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Volume 06: Population Studies. 1997. IV, 309 p. gr8vo. Hard cover.

Contents: Population Genetics and Variation in Liverworts (H. Bischlerand M. C. Boisselier-Dubayle)/ Gametophyte - Sporophyte Variation andCovariation in Mosses (A. Johnatan Shaw and Samual C. Beer)/Reproductive Biology and Life - History - Strategies ( R.E. Longton)/Bryophyte Diaspore Banks (H. J. During)/ Competition Among Bryophytes(Hakan Rydin)/ Niche Theory and Practice: Bryophyte Studies (Nancy C.Slack)/ Dynamics of Bryophyte Metapopulations (Lars Söderström andThomas Herben)/ Competition, Dispersal and Coexistence of Splachnaceaein Patchy Habitats ( Paul C. Marino)/ Population Biology of thePolystrichaceae (Robert Wyatt and Gregory S. Derda)/ Index.
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Author Advances in Bryology
Page image Advances in Bryology: Volume 06: Population Studies. 1997. IV, 309 p. gr8vo. Hard cover.(69728) 87.00
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