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Volume 105: Stahl, Bertil:Theophrastaceae. 2010. 69 figs. 162 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.

The Theophrastaceae are a family of shrubs and small trees comprising 95 species in seven genera. The family is centered in the Caribbean and its distribution is strictly in the New World tropics. Bertil Ståhl gives the first thorough treatment of Theophrastaceae since 1903. It comes at a critical time: Using the classification of the IUCN, at least 33 species (34%) of Theophrastaceae must be considered threatened at some level. Several of these species are clearly on the verge of extinction, and some may already have gone extinct. The monograph begins with in-depth discussions of the family's morphology, anatomy, phylogeny, phytogeography, reproductive biology, and conservation. The systematic treatment includes generic and specific keys, detailed descriptions of all taxa, illustrations, distribution maps, lists of specimens examined, and notes on ecology and local names/uses.
AutorUndHerausgeberManuell FLORA NEOTROPICA
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AutorenManuell Flora Neotropica
SeitenAbbManuell Flora Neotropica: Volume 105: Stahl, Bertil:Theophrastaceae. 2010. 69 figs. 162 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (98618) 113.42
Series Title Flora Neotropica
VerlagManuell New York Botanical Garden Press
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