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Algological Studies

Volume 129: illus. 96 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.

This issue has been published in honour of Dieter MOLLENHAUER on theoccasion of his 70th anniversary. - Contents: Famous algal isolates from the Spessart forest (Germany): the legacy ofDieter Mollenhauer / Desmochloris mollenhaueri, a new terrestrialulvophycean alga from south-west African soils (Molecular phylogeny andsystematics of terrestrial Ulvophyceae I) / The cyanobacterial genusPhormidesmis / Cryptoendolithic cyanobacteria from calcite marble rockridges, Taylor Valley, Antarctica / Seasonal cyanobacterial dynamics ina mesoeutrophic reservoir: microscopic counts and DGGE (DenaturingGradient Gel Electrophoresis.
Author Algological Studies
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Author Algological Studies
Page image Algological Studies: Volume 129: illus. 96 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. 87.00 (97727)
Series Title Algological Studies
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