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Flora of Kenya

Volume 23: Rubiaceae. 2023. 79 full-page line-drawings. Many dot maps. 105 col. plates. XII, 454 p. gr8vo. Cloth.

Flora of Kenya is a taxonomic monograph that details all vascular plants of Kenya. It will include 6857 species of 223 families and 1773 genera in Kenya. Each volume contains one large family or multiple small families. For each species, its traits and distribution are recorded, and its characteristics are described in the form of color photos and drawings. The book integrates identification data of existing and newly collected specimens. It provides a complete description of plant species in Kenya, including new records, new species and other latest research results in recent years, and provides distribution information for each species. The volume of Rubiaceae is Volume 23, covering 1 family, 83 genera, and 304 species (including infraspecific units) of plants.

31 volumes scheduled in this series Standing orders invited.

The editors classify this volume as the first volume published in the series, but volume 1 was published already in 2017 and is also available.
Author Flora of Kenya
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Author Flora of Kenya
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