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Abu-Irmaileh, B. E.

Weeds of Jordan (Weeds of crop fields). 1982 (?). illus. (line drawgs.).XIX, 433 p. 4to. Paper bd. - Bilingual (English and Arabian)

The book contains many full-page line-drawings.

From the introduction: The book covers the common weeds in many agricultural areas of Jordan with particular emphasis on their botanical description,geographical distribution and flowering time. Medicinal or poisonous weeds are only indicated. Further information on the active ingredients in the weed or on the proper usage could be better obtained from the specialized references.

Second hand copy. Paper covers looking used.
Author Abu-Irmaileh, B. E.
Article type Titel
Author Abu-Irmaileh, B. E.
Page image ABU-IRMAILEH, B.E.: Weeds of Jordan (Weeds of crop fields). 1982 (?).XIX,433 p. 4to. Paper bd. - Bilingual (English and Arabian).(5444) 25.68
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